Friday, July 19, 2019

Different Ways To Monetize Your Blog or Website

There are a number of ways to monetize your blog or website. Just  the term Google "how to monetize my blog" or "how to make money with my website" and you will see a never ending list of possibilities. Of course you will be presented with a lot of what seem to be great ideas. They will seem simple to implement at first. But when you try to apply the process explained, you will start to realize there is more to this than meets the eye.

One the more popular approaches to monetizing your website or blog includes placing an advertisments on the site. Companies such as CLICKBANK or COMMISSION JUNCTION  allow you team up with them and place ads on your website or blog. In fact they want you to place ads on your website, especially if it is relevant to the product you want to promote. When you make a sale through your website you receive a commission. When these commissions accumulate they will directed to your bank account or be sent through mail as a registered check.

Another way is using pay-per-click ads. One most popular systems is Google ADWORDS. Adwords is the name Google has given its adverting platform. These are many websites on the internet that explain how to use this advertising platform. If your not a Google Advertising professional it is best in most cases to hire one. If you would like to learn more about Google Adwords  visit or CLICK HERE. It is important to understand unless you operate in a small niche market with little or no competition, or are ready to invest a lot of time learning Adwords leave it to the professionals.

Another approach to monetizing your website is using YOUTUBE. If you have been living in a cave Youtube allows you to enjoy videos and music, upload original content, and share it with anybody with access to the internet. Youtube can be used as an advertising platform that can direct potential customers to your blog or website.

You could also allow advertisements to placed on your website or blog. Google  ADSENSE is on such method. When you create a Google Adsense account and follow the procedure to install ADSENSE on your blog you can make money. Ads will appear on your website or blog each time you view the site. When people click on theses ads you will be paid. The drawback to this system is is that GOOGLE decides what will be advertised. Also these ads will direct your viewers away from your websites content.

There are other methods to make money using Youtube. CLICK HERE to learn more. You have probably hear about people making money using Youtube. One way to do this is create a YOUTUBE account and enable a channel for monetization. You could connect your Youtube channel to an ADSENSE account. CLICK HERE to start an Adsense account.

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